Common questions

Do you use nanosilver in your products?
No, pthe fabric is not treated or soaked with nanosilver (which can otherwise drop when washed and get into lakes & seas), but the fabric is made of pure silver. Tests are done and release a maximum of 5% after 20 washes. 

The report states that if the felt is not connected to protective earth, it has no effect on the measured values of electric alternating fields. What does it mean? Does the blanket not work if it is not grounded? 
Well, the blanket protects against microwave radiation without it being connected to protective earth. The AMA consultant measured both electric alternating fields and microwave radiation from wireless technology when they made the report. We only sell the blanket with the intention that it will protect against microwave radiation and not electric fields. What the AMA consultant believes in the report is that if you ground the blanket, it also works as a protection against electric alternating fields. We do not sell connection cables, but you can buy them yourself if you want the blanket to protect against electric alternating fields.

Is radiation dangerous?
We think this way about the issue of radiation. We are both very interested in health. Anna is a nutritionist and Therese is a health educator. We have the work of building our own health through diet, exercise and mental training and seen the positive effects of it. Going on to work with radiation from a health perspective therefore felt very natural for us. We believe that the increased use of wireless technology can not be good for us in the long run, both from a health perspective, but also from a psychological perspective, that it will be difficult to relax in it constant noise. Our children use wireless technology in a completely new way than we did ourselves, both at school and in private. Already in preschool, the iPad is used as a natural part of learning. 

We know that radiation is a very controversial topic today and that there are two sides to the coin. But everyone must be allowed to form their own opinion and find their way to health. We do not take a position for or against, but try to have a proactive attitude to the issue. 
The idea with our products is that you should be able to protect yourself in a simple way and continue to use modern wireless technology in a safer way.

How does the blanket work?
The blanket works by reflecting off the microwave radiation from our wireless networks. Place the blanket in your lap when you use a mobile, laptop or tablet to reflect the radiation from the body. It is the underside of the blanket that has the unique function in that it is made of silver threads. 

How do I wash my blanket?
The blanket is washed in a cold machine wash (max. 30 degrees) and air-dried. Do not use dryers, heaters, bleaches or irons.

How long is your delivery time? 
Delivery within Sweden usually takes place within three working days, with the exception of major weekends when Postnord may have a longer delivery time. Delivery to other countries may take an extra day.

What do I do if I am not happy with my product?
If the product is unused and you regret your purchase, you can send the product back to our return address. Feel free to email us so we know you want to send the product back. If the product has broken, we want you to send us an email and tell us what has broken, and we will make sure to solve the problem so that you are satisfied.  

How do I return?
Returns are made to: 
Görkvägen 12
133 36 Saltsjöbaden

How much does the shipping cost?
There is always free shipping within Sweden. To countries in the rest of the world, shipping depends on weight as below:
Small: 50 kr (0-100g)
Medium: SEK 70 (100g-500g)
Stock: SEK 150 (500g-1kg)

To which countries do you deliver?
We delivered to the whole world 

How are the products delivered?
It's a little different. If it is a smaller package, it is delivered directly to your mailbox. If the goods letter does not fit in the mailbox, you will be able to pick it up at your nearest postal agent. 

Do you have a guarantee on your products?
If your item breaks within 6 months, it is good to complain about the product. Contact us at and we will solve it in the best way.