Shielding blanket

The blanket that makes it possible to surf smart by reflecting off the electromagnetic radiation from the body. It is made of organic cotton and is soft, cozy and easy to take with you. Ideal for children, pregnant women and anyone who uses wireless technology close to the body.

How does the blanket work?

The underside of the blanket is made of finely woven silver threads that reflect the radiation away from the body. 

  • Effective protection against EMF radiation by at least 97% read report
  • Size 75 x 90 cm
  • Top in 100% organic cotton 
  • The underside of the Shield fabric (54% silver, 46% polyester)
  • Designed in Sweden by Happiears

Washing instructions

  • Cold machine wash
  • Air drying
  • Do not use dryers, heaters, bleaches or irons