How does the tracheal technique work?

  • Happiears have a trachea instead of a regular cable, which reduces the radiation up to the head by 98% read report
  • The speaker is further away from the ear, which reduces the magnetic field.
  • The cable is made of finely woven wires of pure copper that prevent the transmission of high-frequency electromagnetic waves. This reduces the radiation and makes them even more durable.

All Happiear headphones come with a 3.5 mm general headphone jack. When using Iphone 7 and up, the adapter that comes with the phone needs to be used. 

The length of the copper cable for our original model is 92 cm long and for the Sound Edition 102 cm up to the concentrator and the air hose from the concentrator to the earpiece is 6 cm long.


Sound quality on our various models

Original model: Best suited for conversations, listening to audiobooks and podcasts. The sound is acoustic and music can be perceived as something "canned".

Sound Edition model: Has a refined speaker function that creates a better sound performance that provides a more pleasant music experience.