About us

Every day, all the time

On the way to work, in the car, in the subway, in the office, in preschool, at school, in the restaurant in your home and even in your bedroom. It is there, it affects us, but it is not visible and it is not heard. We can not smell it either. Can it then exist? Can it be harmful then? 

What you can not see, you are not afraid of either. Or? 

We care about our children, our families, our friends and our customers. We care about our environment. And just like you, we do not know what the radiation will do to us tomorrow, in a year, in twenty years or in a hundred years. 

We may look back on this in the future and wonder how we really thought! With the knowledge we will have then. 

Our names are Anna and Therese and we are the ones who started Happiears. Anna is a nutritionist and Therese is a health educator and together we run the company Happiears. We have both children, between 4-12 years old, who use wireless technology daily, both at school, preschool and privately. 

We felt a concern about how the radiation from the wireless technology affects us and our children in the long run. We therefore started looking for products that could protect us, but found nothing on the Swedish market. Then we decided instead to produce them ourselves. 

This was the starting shot for us to start Happiears. The company where you can find products that allow you to continue using the wireless technology, but in a smarter and more secure way. A smarter way to surf simply. 

It would be exciting to hear your thoughts and what you think about our products.
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Anna & Therese