Pregnancy band

The pregnancy band with an inside of silver fabric which protects the fetus from electromagnetic radiation. The outside is made of wonderful organic cotton and is soft and elastic for the growing belly. Designed as a tube for easy attachment.

The silver fabric is breathable and has an antibacterial property.

How does the pregnancy band work?

  • Effective protection against EMF radiation by at least 97%
  • Lab tested by a third party, AMA Konsult AB report on the material
  • 100% organic soft cotton on the outside
  • The inside is made of Shield fabric  (54% silver, 46% polyester)
  • Available in two sizes (L, XL)
  • Pleated design for a better fit
  • Hides discreetly unbuttoned trousers
  • The strap is easily pulled over the head or pulled up for the legs
  • Designed in Sweden by Happiears

Which size should I choose?

The material is stretchable and flexible. The dimensions below will be able to stretch about 10-15cm when you put on the strap.

All pregnancies are different, but if you were small or medium before the pregnancy, Gravidband large probably fits best. Whether you are large or extra large before, Gravidband extra large probably fits best. Feel free to measure the circumference of your stomach so you can see which band suits you.

  • Large: Range up and down at about 85 cm, in the middle of the stomach about 100cm
  • Extra large: Circumference up and down at about 92 cm, in the middle of the stomach about 110 cm

Washing instructions
  • Cold machine wash
  • Air drying
  • Do not use dryers, heaters, bleaches or irons