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This week we were interviewed by Filip Lyrheden for an article in Göteborgs-Posten, regarding microwave radiation and our products and why we started the company. 

In the article interviews including Jimmy Estenberg from the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority about his view of our products and the risks of microwave radiation.

Our reflection on the article is that there is still too little research showing what the long-term effects will be of our increased use of wireless technology. But we can certainly all agree that increased radiation does not lead to better health for any of us.

The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority believes in the article that we do not reach the Swedish limit values and therefore do not have to worry, but on the other hand they also say that other countries have lower limit values to reduce exposure. We therefore think that we should take the safe before the unsafe, as we still know too little and take the precautions we can, until we know more.


Here are some quotes from the article. If you want to read it in its entirety, click on here (the article is a paid version and requires login)

"The company Happiears was started by Therese Norman and her colleague, after they began to experience a concern about how wireless technology would affect themselves and their children in the long run. They also felt a concern about the increased use of computers, tablets and mobile phones and how it may affect our mental health.

- We were looking for products on the Swedish market that would function as protection against microwave radiation, but when we did not find anything, we chose instead to produce them ourselves. That was the starting shot for the company, says Therese Norman. 

Both Therese and her colleague have a background in health and wellness. They see the work of trying to reduce the amount of microwave radiation we are exposed to in everyday life, as a natural step for optimized health, in combination with diet, exercise and mental health. 

- We are exposed to so much more radiation today than before and we feel that it can not be good in the long run. We still know too little about the long-term effects of increased use of wireless technology, but it creates increased oxidative stress for the body. And increased oxidative stress results in more free radicals and a lack of many nutrients.

Therefore, it is nice that you can reduce some of it in any case, in a simple way, by using our products. We think it is better to take the safe before the unsafe.

The company's products have been tested in a laboratory environment by an external consulting company that specializes in measuring, among other things, microwave radiation. The test reports show that the material in the products has the ability to attenuate the amount of microwave radiation that passes through.


 Would need to dress the whole body 

 The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority does not usually test individual products, but according to Jimmy Estenberg, who is an official specialist in electromagnetic fields, textiles with silver wire can generally reflect radio waves. 

- But radio waves do not just go one way, so you would have to dress your whole body in that material and it might not be completely practical, says Jimmy Estenberg. 

The authority also does not see that there is any reason from a radiation protection perspective to use this type of product. In the vast majority of cases, the exposure to radio waves is well below the limit value.

- The exception is if you hold a mobile phone directly to your head and there is poor coverage. Then you can get up to the limit value. But with good coverage, you end up far below the limit. The same applies if you use a hands-free or speakerphone. With today's mobile phones, you then end up lower than one millionth of the limit value with good coverage.



Risks with radiation from mobile phones (Source Radiation Safety Authority)

Extensive research has been carried out without any radiation protection-related health risks with mobile phone use being identified. For example, there is no support for mobile phone calls to increase the risk of brain tumors. However, there is a small uncertainty based on the biological effects observed even at relatively weak exposure levels. It is primarily about oxidative stress that has been repeatedly observed in animal studies.

Many disease states are considered to be caused by increased oxidative stress, including cardiovascular disease and cancer. 

Since children have not used a mobile phone to the same extent as adults, the uncertainty about possible long-term effects is greater for them. The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority therefore recommends in particular that children who use a mobile phone take precautions by using hands-free and holding the mobile phone out of the body during conversations. 

The use of a mobile phone during pregnancy means low exposure to radio waves to the fetus and there is no scientific support that such a low exposure entails health risks for the fetus.


Different limit values in different countries

If, according to the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority, it is difficult to reach radiation levels that are judged to be harmful to health, then what is the point of buying clothes that protect against radiation?

 - I think it is very different between countries what limit values there are. In Sweden, we have quite high limit values. In other countries, such as France, Germany and Italy, the limit values are much lower. Then I think it is up to you to decide what you feel and believe in, says Therese Norman.

 According to the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority, Sweden follows the EU's recommendations, which are also followed by many other countries in Europe. Virtually all countries' expert authorities and even the World Health Organization (WHO) make similar risk assessments. Then there are countries that still introduce lower limits and it is then often a matter of wanting to achieve goals of maintaining low exposure levels. 

- The countries with lower limits have excluded the source of the highest exposure, the mobile phone, otherwise it would not be allowed to be used. So the lower limit values in practice usually do not mean that the exposure is lower, says Jimmy Estenberg at the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority. "


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  • Jag blir lika förtvivlad varje gång som Jimmy Estenberg gör sina uttalanden om gränsvärdet. Han verkar aldrig förstå att det finns EHS, Electro Hyper Sensivity och att gränsvärdet är skyhögt för högt för egentligen allt levande.

    Ingrid Berggren on

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