Why not sit in front of the computer and eat

Eating while working in front of a computer is not recommended for several reasons. ⁠

One of the most important reasons is that the body needs to be in the parasympathetic nervous system (with peace and quiet) for the digestive system to function. If you are stressed, your digestion will not work as it should simply.⁠

By sitting in front of the computer and eating, the body continues to be exposed to stress, both from work and from the microwave radiation from your computer. The body will then continue to be in the sympathetic nervous system (stress system) with impaired digestion as a result. ⁠

Instead of the habit of taking a break and let go of work for a while, and if possible take a walk (note, before the meal) and then make sure to eat in a place that is not associated with work and wireless technology. Sit for example not near a router when eating. Enjoy the food and be present! Then the body will be able to work with what it is supposed to, namely to digest the food! And you are guaranteed to be more efficient when you go back to the computer again to continue your work day! ⁠

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