Evaluation after a long weekend without social media.

After a whole long weekend without opening mail, instagram, facebook or other apps for that matter, I can say that today I feel a certain resistance when everything starts up again. It has really been a nice and much needed break from the noise.

Last Thursday we took the boat and went out to our country house on a small island in the Stockholm archipelago, where there is no wifi or working TV. The phone has basically been in airplane mode all weekend. We have instead had lots done, such as raking the whole plot, clearing flower beds, reading books, playing games, swimming (some of us brave), walking and cooking good food.

At first it itched a little in the fingers, but over time it just felt nice. Has been more in the present and focused on the family. Really feel that the brain has been given a break from the unconscious stress that there will be emails and notices. Rather, I have got a distance to the mobile and feel that it will be difficult to connect again.

My reflection after the weekend is that I need to create a better structure and plan time for the use of social media and breaks, so as not to let it take over all hours of the day. So, from now on, I'll set up a social media plan for myself and instead be more effective when I'm in and then shut down. The first step is to disconnect notices so as not to be disturbed when I work or have my breaks and also turn off the phone completely at times, and / or put it in our smart mobile bag.

Are there more people who have tried to put away their mobile phones for a period of time? In that case, feel free to write a comment below and tell us how it went.

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