Radiation-reducing underwear

This is a post from Carrot Life that has tested our new radiation-reducing underwear. Read more about radiation and health on her website carrot life

Research has shown that there may be a connection between male fertility and microwave radiation, the one that comes from, for example, wifi and mobile phones. The radiation increases the oxidative stress in the sperm cell. Oxidative stress means free radicals and these are controlled by antioxidants. However, if there are too many free radicals in relation to antioxidants, they can damage, among other things, the sperm's DNA and proteins and this prevents it from developing normally, which in turn results in fertility problems. Other factors can also affect fertility, such as diet and lifestyle habits.

There is now a product that protects the family jewels to 99% from microwave radiation: radiation-reducing underwear. They are made of cotton and the inside consists of silver threads, which also gives the underwear a cool and comfortable feeling. Many people therefore like to use them especially during exercise or when sweating, and in addition, the underpants are also bactericidal and thus reduce odor.

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