Smart tips to reduce scrolling

For many of us, the mobile phone is never more than an arm's length away, always ready for updates or offering unnecessary scrolling.

It can often be difficult to resist picking up your mobile that is always within reach. Maybe it flashes with a notice from news apps, maybe there will be an update from social media or it's just you who can not resist the urge to pick up the phone and scroll around.

Once you are sucked into the phone, it is easy to lose time and space. You scroll and scroll and vips, time has disappeared. Therefore, we share here three smart tips that come from @andersehansen book "Skärmhjärnan" about what you can think of when you want to reduce your time in front of your mobile.

Tip 1. Realize that your brain is hacked!

Try to understand in depth that this is something you do habitually, because the products are so incredibly good at creating addiction. Let the realization that you yourself do not control your behavior, and that you spend too much time on your mobile, become a driving force.

Tip 2. You do not have to stop - but strive for smarter screen time!

Become aware and set aside time for other things such as training, walking, meditation, socializing, etc., and you will automatically reduce your time in front of the screen.

Tip 3. Leave your phone outside!

Leaning your mobile phone outside the bedroom to reduce the risk of difficulty sleeping. Also leave it outside in social contexts such as at dinners, and if you are watching a movie, never have your mobile phone lying next to it, because then there is a great risk that you will reach for it.

What do you think, do you see scrolling as a problem that you have a hard time getting out of or not? And what do you do to not get caught? Feel free to comment.

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  • Flikar in där på tips 2 och kompletterar,

    De flesta mobiler har så man kan få en sammanställd veckorapport varje söndag där den visar snittid per dag för skärmtiden. Avstäm varje söndag och gör det till en tävling med dig själv att förbättra den för var vecka!

    Ytterligare tips är att försöka ta timeout från många appar, till slut vänjer man sig utan dem.

    Försök att även ha tystläge på telefonen så ofta som möjligt, och aviseringar aktiverat enbart på de absolut viktigaste.

    Erik on

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