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For many, the workplace right now varies from day to day. We work perhaps most from home, and usually with the laptop directly in our lap. We sit in bed, on the couch or at the kitchen table. And no matter how you twist and turn it, the use of wireless technology has increased very much in a very short time. 


If you want to reduce the radiation to the body, it is above all the distance to the technology that is important. So try to adopt the "smart mobile usage" approach. This may include keeping distance from the technology, as far as possible. Add  remove the mobile phone when you work with the laptop (it will be one thing less that radiates), do not sit near the router, use a surf blanket when you use the laptop directly in the lap, do not store the mobile phone directly against the body as in the trouser pocket or similar, use our mobile phone bag to reduce radiation from the mobile phone, turn off Wi-Fi when not needed and use the phone's aircraft mode when you do not need to be available. 


You understand a little what we are looking for, to start thinking about these things and how you can with simple means reduce the radiation that is around us all the time. We can only feel better about it! 


If you try to think about this, you also reduce the stress on the body that radiation entails and allow us to be more and more in the more harmonious parasympathetic state. We can focus and think better and be more efficient when we work! It's just a win win 😊🧡

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