Things you may not have known about us

Maybe you did not know this about us?

We started Happiears because we love everything that has to do with health. And we see radiation as a piece of the puzzle of many others that are important to work with to optimize their health.

Anna is a nutritionist and devours all the books she comes across with a health theme and likes to stand in the kitchen all day and experiment. Therese is a health educator and trained optimum trainer and is a real cheerleader in helping others to solve their physical problems with simple means.

Anna has three children, Lea, Stella and Elias and Therese has one child, Amanda. We have known each other since we ended up in the same mother group in 2007.

Right now we are both snowing in on making our own kombucha and kimchi and coming up with the best recipe for gluten-free nutritious bread. We are both currently doing a proper detox treatment together to start the new year on the plus side. Extra important for us, as we know that we lack the gene for liver phase 2 detoxification.

That it was just microwave radiation we got caught up in and started a company in, was probably because we saw that there was a void to fill. That there was no one who took hold of this and developed products that protect us from microwave radiation.


We have chosen to produce the products we ourselves lacked and are constantly developing new products. But maybe it's probably our surf blanket that we like the most 😊

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