This is how your skin in front of the computer is affected

A nice face mist can be the salvation during and after a whole day of intensive work in front of the computer screen.

This is an article from Dr Sannas about how the skin is affected by our screen use.

Intense work in front of a computer screen or a lot of time with the phone means everyday life for a lot of people, but how does it really affect your skin? More than you might think. Here we explain what happens to your skin in front of a warm computer screen both in the long and short term - and tips on what you can do to counteract the negative effects.

Modern technology increases the use of blue light - and photoageing

Modern technology such as tablets, TV screens, smartphones and computers provide a high exposure of so-called blue light - light that according to research is also considered to be linked to sleep disorders. Due to this, general recommendations are therefore often given to those who have sleep problems to switch off all such types of technology well before bedtime.

The blue light also penetrates deeper into the skin than UVA and UVB rays - all the way down to the subcutaneous tissue. There, free radicals can be formed, which in turn causes the skin to age prematurely by the skin's collagen and elastin fibers being broken down and losing elasticity. This phenomenon is called photoageing or photoaging, because it is the aging of the skin that occurs as a result of modern technology.

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Long-term skin breakdown - short-term dehydration

In the long run, the skin can thus be greatly affected by the light from a computer screen - but even after a day in front of the computer, most people can experience that the skin feels dry, lifeless and dull. Some with sensitive skin may also experience that the skin may react and turn red. Just dry and lifeless skin can occur due to the dry air that is formed.

No great combination in other words - so what do we do about it? Here we give you our three absolute best tips to counteract the negative effects of screen work.

Checklist - how to counteract the negative effects

# 1 - Take care and take breaks

If you regularly sit at a computer and work, we also encourage you to exercise caution and take breaks. Feel how your skin reacts - does it feel dry and tight is e.g. a moisturizing and natural face mist without a doubt your best to go product for regularly moisturizing the skin during screen work. Taking a break from the computer screen also has several other positive effects for our health - why not plan a walking meeting next time instead of conversing via email?

# 2 Antioxidants - a long-term protection against modern technology

Several experts claim that the technology of the new age also requires a new type of skin care - skin care that actively works to support the skin's natural processes to stay healthy, young and vital. Here are antioxidants A and O. This is completely in line with our philosophy at Dr Sannas, where all our skin care is natural, organic and vegan and packed with vitamins and antioxidants that are intensely nourishing for the skin. Our revitalizing face oil for normal and combination skin contains, for example, watermelon kernel oil, which in turn is rich in vitamin E - an antioxidant that protects against free radicals (an effect of photoageing).

# 3 A face mist - your best friend in front of the computer

To use one moisturizing face mist which you regularly spray the skin with has become increasingly popular - and we understand why. By regularly adding moisture to the skin during the day, you significantly minimize the risk of dry and tight skin. If you want your skin to feel as fresh, moisturized and full of radiance as when you leave home, a refreshing and moisturizing face mist is guaranteed to do the job.

Dr Sanna's moisturizing face mist for normal / dry / combination skin is based on natural moisturizers such as birch water and olive leaf extract - where the latter is also soothing for skin that has been exposed to oxidative stress that can occur when exposed to blue light.

The face mist fits perfectly both before and on top of makeup and also contains vitamin C which gives a nice glow, elasticity and evens out the skin tone. Say hello to more glow - and goodbye to tired and lifeless skin.

Health & Happiness,
Dr. Sannas

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