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Review in ekoappen is the page online where you can read about natural health and sustainable lifestyle. There you can find interesting articles and other useful information about health. We are so happy that we are part of their journey from the beginning as proud partners. 
Below is a review of our surf blanket made by their founder, Ninnie Wikström. The review is also available on their website under blogs. 
I often work from the couch in the evenings, with the computer in my lap. After a while I can experience a burning sensation in the thighs, which does not feel completely good. So when I had the opportunity to test Happier's blanket against radiation, I was super happy!

Nowadays we are surrounded by radiation daily. There is wi-fi everywhere, the mobiles are close to us constantly and the laptop is often in my lap, etc. Personally, I do not think it feels healthy and I do not think it is good with all this radiation. I am thinking in particular of the children who have been exposed to this all their lives, right from when they were in the womb. Therefore, I think it's great that Happiears has designed most products against radiation.

Lab tested by a third party

Happiear's Shielding form has been tested in an independent lab, where the result was protection against at least 97% of the radiation from mobiles and laptops. I who sit with the computer in my lap and work, notice a big difference when I use the blanket. I avoid that burning feeling that arises after a while. So for me, this is a great product, which simply creates a safer and more comfortable feeling. It is also a matter of course for me that the children have it in their lap, when they sit with their tablet / mobile.

For those who want to know more about the risks of radiation, there is a lot online to read. For my part, I make sure to turn off our wi-fi in the evenings - and to use the blanket nowadays.

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Made of organic cotton

This is how Happiears writes about his blanket: “The Shielding blanket is the blanket with a unique function that makes it possible to surf smart by reflecting away the microwave radiation from wireless networks, from the body. It is made of organic cotton and is soft, cozy and easy to take with you.

Put it in your lap and the radiation from your mobile, tablet and laptop is effectively reflected away from your body. Ideal for children, pregnant women and anyone who uses wireless technology close to the body. ”

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Facts Shielding form

  • Effective protection against microwave radiation by at least 97%
  • Lab tested by a third party, AMA Konsult AB Read the report here
  • Size 75 x 90 cm
  • Top in 100% organic cotton 
  • The underside of the Shield fabric (54% silver, 46% polyester)
  • No unnecessary packaging (only a Nordic Ecolabelled paper cover)
  • Designed in Sweden by Happiears

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