Some thoughts on where our mobile use is headed.


Are you also provoked by these pictures? I get both provoked and sad. They rub and are not that far from the truth. Is that how we want it? Life does not go on in the mobile. Put away your mobile, look up and start hanging out instead! This is where real life takes place!

We started this company with the intention of getting people to surf smarter by developing products that protect against radiation from wireless technology. But the more we delve into the subject, we also see that unhealthy mobile phone use is growing, with mental illness and depression as a result.

Maybe we should also focus more on enlightening and making people understand that it is starting to go too far, that we are slaves under our mobile phones and not the other way around. And that we need help with "detoxing" from unhealthy mobile phone use.

Or what do you think? Do you also experience this as a problem? 
Feel free to share your thoughts. 

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