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Electromagnetic radiation is found naturally from thunder, the sun and space. Radiation has increased with the artificial radiation we humans have created with technology since the beginning of the 20th century and it has become part of our everyday lives with mobile phones, wifi, computers and microwaves. We surf, stream entertainment, play online games and so on. Even in working life, we are surrounded by wireless technology.

Professor Emeritus Rainer Nyberg from Vaasa Rainer Nyberg psychologist, PM, PeD, Professor Emeritus Vaasa Lennart Hardell MD, PhD, Associate Professor, f.d. Cancer chief physician, Professor Örebro, Sweden are two who have read hundreds of reports and talk about mobile phones, wireless environments and health risks. Many researchers today believe that radiation should be considered "carcinogenic to humans" in the same class as asbestos and tobacco. There is a lack of research on the effects of 5G and that the consequences for public health and the environment can be serious. We become guinea pigs whether we like it or not.



Electromagnetic radiation, EMS, is a wave motion that propagates in time and space. For example, it can be light that is propagated in an optical fiber or microwaves when you heat food in a microwave oven. Electromagnetic radiation can be described as frequency, or wavelength. In different wavelength ranges we call the electromagnetic radiation different things:

  • Radio waves (kilometers long wavelengths)
  • Microwaves
  • Infrared light
  • Visible light
  • Ultraviolet light
  • X-rays
  • Gamma radiation (picometer-long wavelengths)



Radio waves can pass through the human body without even noticing them and microwaves (with a wavelength of about 1 cm) penetrate a few centimeters without being stopped by the skin. For the shorter wavelengths, ultraviolet, X-ray and gamma radiation, the high energy of the photons can ionize atoms. These are called ionizing radiation and can cause cancer, among other things.

Mobile phones, cell towers, wireless networks and wireless computers can make you sick. This is because all wireless technology emits microwave radiation. Recent years 'research has confirmed that microwave radiation can damage the brain, our cells' DNA and increase the risk of cancer.

Not everyone gets the same or all symptoms and the sensitivity varies. It is due to age, previous diseases, inherited sensitivity, previous exposure to radiation or to chemicals and heavy metals.



If you often suffer from one or more of the following symptoms, consider whether they may be related to the use of wireless technology. Common symptoms are headache, difficulty sleeping, sleep disturbances, abnormal fatigue, fatigue, concentration problems, memory disorders, dizziness, pain in the heart / pressure over the chest, heart palpitations, feelings of stress, increased irritation, aggression, depression, anxiety, tinnitus and rash.

Electromagnetic radiation is propagated differently in different materials. Our bodies have varying electrical conductivity. Some of the radiation is reflected towards our bodies and some is spread further into the body (transmission, diffusion and absorption). The ability of radiation to penetrate the body is frequency dependent. Lower frequencies penetrate deeper than higher ones. Fat and bone are easier to penetrate than muscle and skin.



The most effective remedy for radiation-related symptoms is to avoid or minimize exposure.

  • Minimize the use of mobile phones and wireless computers. Preferably use a landline telephone and a computer connected to the internet with cable.
  • Put the mobile in airplane mode at night so the body is given the opportunity to rest and recover
  • Alternatively, activate "mobile data off" so emails and apps are not updated.
  • Do not store the phone directly in the body, for example in a pocket.
  • Keep conversations short
  • When calling, use the loudspeaker function or headphones with air tubes.
  • Avoid Bluetooth headphones due to constant radiation.
  • Send sms rather than call.
  • Always turn off the Wi-Fi and mobile data features when not in use.
  • Avoid using the phone in the car, subway and bus as the radiation will be higher.
  • Use a radiation-protective blanket if you have a phone, tablet or laptop in your arms or near your body.




So there are some things that can provide some protection against some of the radiation. I have tested some products like Happiears has in its range.



I have received some questions about my new ones headphones by followers on Instagram. They come from Happiears and have a trachea instead of a regular cable the last bit before the ear. This reduces the radiation up to the head by 98%, as the speaker is further away from the ear.

The cable is made of finely woven copper wires that prevent the transmission of high-frequency electromagnetic waves. It also makes them more durable.

The headphones come with a 3.5 mm general headphone jack so I use an adapter for my iPhone. I use the Sound Edition model which gives a better sound quality and it works great for conversations and when I listen to music or podcasts.


I usually think of Faraday's cage, which we read about in physics (remember?). Faraday's cage is thus a space whose walls are made of metal or other material that conducts current and which shields the inside from electric fields and electromagnetic radiation. So why not wrap yourself in a blanket with metal wires?

When I sit and work with the laptop in my arms or lie on the sofa, I now always have one protective blanket between me and the laptop or phone. The blanket reflects off the electromagnetic radiation from the body.

It is made of organic cotton and is incredibly soft and comfortable. This is also perfect for children and pregnant women.

The underside of the blanket consists of finely woven silver threads that reflect the radiation away from the body. It provides effective protection against EMF radiation by at least 97%. Here you can read the report.

The top consists of 100% organic cotton. The underside is the one that protects like the radiation and consists of 54% silver and 46% polyester. The silver fabric is breathable and also has an antibacterial property.


I have not tested the pregnancy band, with the day I get pregnant I will definitely use this.

The maternity band protects the fetus from electromagnetic radiation and is stretchable and designed as a tube to easily pull over the abdomen. It comes in two sizes and is made of the same material as the blanket.



The children's hat comes in two sizes and has an intermediate layer of silver fabric that protects against electromagnetic radiation, while the inside and outside are made of organic cotton. The hat is soft and comfortable and protects in the same way as the blanket and the pregnancy band.

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