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Meet Happiears who help you reduce microwave radiation and surf smarter

Anna Bastling and Therese Norman run the company Happiears, which sells products that can reduce radiation in your everyday life.


No one can say with certainty how we will eventually be affected by the radiation we are surrounded by and exposed to in our daily lives. Anna and Therese also do not pretend to know what the consequences will be in the long run. But while waiting for time to tell, they offer products for you who want to be careful. 

The idea for Happiears began to grow as a result of Anna and Therese becoming aware of how much microwave radiation they themselves and their loved ones were exposed to in their everyday lives. 

- Everywhere we use wireless technology. In preschool, school, at home, at work, on the bus, and so on, says Therese. We began to think about how it affects us; both what it does to our health in the long run, but also how it affects the possibility of relaxation in the constant noise.

A controversial issue
Anna is a nutritionist and Therese health educator and they share a great interest in health. For them, it felt pretty obvious that radiation affects our physical and mental state. 

- We know that opinions about how radiation affects us in the long run differ, Anna confirms. Our attitude is that radiation is a piece of the puzzle of many people you can think of to optimize your health.

"Many of us take care of ourselves by exercising, eating healthily, meditating, and more. We see reducing radiation in everyday life as another health-promoting measure. 

Today, most of us live with a lot of stress, and Anna and Therese believe that radiation also causes stress for the body. The consequence of this is that we are constantly in the so-called sympathetic state, which can be described as that we are on our guard and ready to defend ourselves against danger. Furthermore, the constant stress means that we are deficient in important vitamins and minerals such as magnesium and antioxidants. 

- At night, it is extra important to have time and opportunity for recovery, because that is when the body repairs and heals itself, Therese says.


A completely new market
Once the tank was born, a hunt began for products that would protect against radiation. But some of these did not seem to be on the Swedish market, so Anna and Therese took matters into their own hands and started Happiears, with in-house developed products.

Today, several different products can be found in Happier's range.

- We sell headphones, blankets, hats, mobile phone bags and pregnancy straps - all with a unique function, which protects the body against microwave radiation from wireless technology.

"With us, you will find products that allow you to continue using the wireless technology, but in a smarter and more secure way. A smarter way to surf simply.

The technology behind Happier's products
The different products offer protection in slightly different ways. Happiears' headphones are based on so-called tracheal technology, which means that the radiation cannot be passed on from the phone up to the ear, while the best-selling product "surf blanket" reflects the microwave radiation away from the body thanks to the underside's unique silver material.

- It is simple and cozy to have in your lap when you use, for example, the tablet or mobile phone and is perfect for children and pregnant women who are extra sensitive, says Anna. Our hats are made of the same reflective material as this.

The latest, but probably not the last, addition to the range is a so-called mobile phone bag. 

- Put the mobile phone in the bag and close it to avoid being disturbed and reduce the radiation to the body. If you still want to be reached, you can leave the bag open and still reduce the radiation. This way you get the opportunity to take a break from the constant noise, Therese explains.

How do you know that your products protect against radiation?
- All our products are tested by a Swedish third party. The reports are available to read

For those who are interested in buying products from Happiears, the company's own web shop is still the best place to shop from, but this may change in the long run.

"The plans are to expand and be visible in more places in the future.


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