Madeleine Lennartsson from Clean Lifestyle about screen time

Madelene Lennartsson, who runs Clean Lifestyle, is a health influencer, recipe creator and food photographer. She is passionate about spreading joy and simplicity around food, health and personal development. Her focus is on nutritious food free of gluten, milk and white sugar. Through the help of her diet, she has recovered from her intestinal disease Ulcerative Colitis. If you want to know more about Madelene and what she does, have a look at her website here: 

Here, Madeleine talks about how she views the issue of screen time for herself and her children.


"Movement and creativity are extremely important for our family. Especially to get it into everyday life for the children. We have always been restrictive with screen time and the children have never had a tablet. No screens in the car, at the dining table etc. TV they have watched morning, evening and some movie on the weekend, that's what felt right for us.

Now that the big girl will soon be six years old, we felt it was time for her to get a tablet as a Christmas present. No idea to try to keep away from little brother so he got an old one we had to play music on. Sambon has fixed that we know exactly what they get access to for educational apps, and the tablet turns black after one hour of use per day. All children are different and all parents do things differently. This is best for us.

One thing we use for the children when they sit at the tablets is radiation-protective blankets from @ happiears.good.vibes.only  The blankets provide effective protection against microwave radiation from wireless technology and are tested by third parties. The blankets are made of organic cotton and are incredibly soft and comfortable. The underside of the blanket consists of finely woven silver threads that reflect the radiation away from the body.

Microwave radiation from wireless technology contributes to oxidative stress. The body then needs lots of antioxidants to take care of the free radicals. I try to reduce my own screen time and always put my mobile in airplane mode when I go to sleep. Then the body can use the antioxidants to keep me fit and healthy instead.

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