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Today will be a Friday interview with me (Anna) and Therese, the founders of Happiears.


Both Therese and I grew up in Farsta, a suburb of Stockholm, and actually went to the same school (Hästhagsskolan) during primary and middle school without knowing it.


I have lived for many years in Saltsjöbaden outside Stockholm together with Janne and our three children Lea 13 years, Stella 12 years and little Elias 4 years. Therese has also lived in Saltsjöbaden for several years now with her Dennis and her daughter Amanda 13 years, and every other week with Dennis' children Engla and Elvira.


We met in 2007 when we were in the same mother group with Lea and Amanda and have continued to hang out ever since. The starting shot for the close friendship and then for the company was when we both went to Costa Rica together for two weeks and lived at a yoga / meditation retreat where we ate raw food for a week and then juice fasted for a week, while we were part of another kind of cleanse, which we do not need to go into here. But, we came home as new people and with lots of thoughts and ideas to eventually do something together in health.


I am already trained as a Geographer at Stockholm University with a focus on environmental issues (so I am also passionate about these issues). Eight years later, I further trained as a Nutrition Therapist at the School of Nutritional Medicine in Stockholm and started my own practice and began to receive clients. But with a new pregnancy that was then underway, the company was put on hold for a while.


Therese has previously trained as a health educator and massage therapist and now in recent years also as an optimum trainer. She runs alongside the joint company, the practice Nacka Wellness, where she receives clients for massage or optimum treatments.


In the summers I spend much of my free time out on Edesön, a small island in the Stockholm archipelago where I get the opportunity to get away from the noise and just be. I love the lazy days there, when you get into the lukewarm and just are. Otherwise, the family is very important and I have my parents living nearby.


Therese spends a lot of time with her family and her two sisters Jennica and Angelica and their families and she loves to train and especially Brazilian jujutsu. But any other form of exercise goes well, as long as she is allowed to be active and move.


Meditation is another important part of both our lives, to find a balance and we have health and food as our great common interest. We have both been on a health journey for the better, where we both now feel that we feel much better and are on the right path and that we are in the right place in life.


The company Happiers was started three years ago with the intention that we wanted to optimize people's health by reducing radiation from wireless technology that they are exposed to daily in their everyday lives. We also want to convey the message of smart mobile use by stopping and being in the present.

We see reducing radiation as an important piece of the puzzle among many to optimize their health. 

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