Chronic exposure to microwave radiation can create mental illness

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5G is produced in only positive days in the Swedish media. No one has so far bothered to report on the risks, says Mona Nilsson, chair of the Radiation Protection Foundation, who thinks it is time we open our eyes to the dangers to health and the environment that an expansion of 5G entails.

The benefits of 5G are increasingly being promoted in the media, including in the public service channels. What readers, viewers and listeners have learned are only the benefits of 5G: faster data transfer and more and more gadgets should, completely unnecessarily, be connected to the internet. That 5G also has a downside has so far been avoided.

But at the same time, criticism of 5G is growing. More and more researchers believe that 5G poses serious dangers to human health and the environment. The criticism is so extensive that the magazine PC-Magazine stated that 5G can just as easily be marketed with a skull - which led to the journalist behind the article being fired.


217 researchers want 5G stopped

217 researchers and doctors from 36 countries have in a joint letter, 5G Appeal, requested that the 5G expansion be stopped. There are several reasons for this: They believe that the sharp increase in microwave radiation from 5G can have "serious health and environmental consequences" because microwave radiation from existing systems has been proven to be harmful. They also point out that there is a lack of research that shows that the expansion does not pose a danger to people and the environment and that the expansion can thus be regarded as an experiment that is contrary to international conventions. Health and environmental risks must first be investigated. US Senator Richard Blumenthal agrees. In December 2018, he stated in a press release that research on health effects is lacking. He now requires investigation and research on the risks before 5G can be expanded.

The consequences can be "tragic and irreversible", says the Swedish oncologist and researcher Lennart Hardell, who is one of the researchers who signed the appeal to stop 5G.

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More microwave radiation
Mobile phones, mobile masts, WiFi and Bluetooth emit microwave radiation. Transmission of calls and information takes place with the help of microwaves. WiFi and Bluetooth use frequencies that are very close to those used by the microwave, around 2.4 GHz. 5G will use even higher frequencies, including 26 GHz, the health and environmental effects of which are largely unexplored, but which approach the frequencies known as "millimeter waves" used in military equipment to injure people by causing concentrated unbearable pain.

The high frequencies have a lower range and therefore many new base stations for 5G will be set up, increasingly closer to homes, for example on lampposts and electric poles, which inevitably leads to increased microwave radiation in the environment. 5G uses a technology developed for military purposes, so-called phase-controlled group antennas, which concentrates the microwave radiation in narrow lanes. Several research groups are now warning that the high frequencies and the strong concentrated high-frequency microwave rays can lead to "permanent tissue damage" and "health hazards". External organs such as the skin and eyes are feared to be particularly exposed. Other researchers warn of serious consequences for insect and bird life.

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Difficult to expand in countries with better protection
According to information from the telecom operator Ericsson, one of the biggest stakeholders and promoters of 5G, 5G's increased radiation will make it difficult or impossible to expand 5G in countries with better protection against health risks with microwave radiation than in Sweden. Among the countries that for many years have had 100 times lower limit values for permitted radiation from mobile masts are Russia, Poland, Italy and Switzerland.

If you live within 115 meters of a base station on a building in Sweden, you risk being exposed to levels that are considered hazardous to health in these four countries. In Sweden, limit values still apply that only protect against immediate effects as the radiation is so intense that you heat up by one degree. This is despite the fact that research has now proven that significantly lower levels cause cancer, DNA damage, neurological effects and damaged reproduction. In recent years, more and more researchers have also come to the conclusion that microwave radiation should be classified in the same cancer category as asbestos, dioxin and tobacco.

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Leads to cancer and increased ill health
The 5G expansion therefore means a forced massive increase in a form of radiation that causes cancer, DNA damage and neurological effects. For 50 years, researchers have described that chronic exposure to microwave radiation causes the following symptoms: difficulty sleeping, headaches, dizziness, memory and concentration problems, cardiac arrhythmias, feelings of stress, fatigue, depression and thyroid disorders. The reason is that the radiation affects the function of the central nervous system. The symptom picture corresponds to what is today called "mental illness" which is now increasing in all age groups.

Danger of deteriorating general health
In view of the risks shown by the existing radiation, 5G can befaras deteriorate the general condition and the expansion should therefore be stopped in accordance with the Environmental Code, Chapter 2, Section 10, we believe in the Radiation Protection Foundation. We are also concerned about reports of sudden widespread bird deaths in areas where 5G is said to have been tested.

By Mona Nilsson, Radiation Protection Foundation

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