Chronicle in Ekoappen - We created something we missed on the market

Everywhere all the time! On the way to work, in the car, in the subway, in the office, in preschool, at school, in the restaurant in your home and even in your bedroom. It is there, it affects us, but it is not visible and it is not heard. Can it then exist? Can it be harmful then? In this chronicle, Anna Bastling and Therese Norman share their thoughts on the subject.
What you can not see, you are not afraid of either. Or? 
Today we are surrounded by electromagnetic radiation just about everywhere. There is really no place where you can be completely free from it. The problem with that is that we can no longer choose. That right has been taken away from us. 

“We know that opinions on how radiation affects us in the long run differ. But as we see it, radiation is a piece of the puzzle of many people you can think of to optimize your health. ”

Oxidative stress of radiation
Repeated research reports show, among other things, that oxidative stress increases when we are exposed to low-frequency electromagnetic radiation. And we know that too much oxidative stress is not good for us.
What we also know today is that infertility is increasing. What it depends on, we can not say with certainty. There can be a variety of reasons for this. But one reason may be the increased radiation around us. Many men walk around with their mobile phones in their pockets, or sit with their laptops directly in their laps. The distance from the body to the mobile phone or computer is important and studies have shown that sperm are affected by the radiation.
But what happens when you get pregnant? Is there a special barrier that prevents radiation from penetrating and protects the fetus? No, of course not. The fetus is exposed to the radiation just as much as we are. But they are so much smaller and more sensitive is what we are. So why not just take the safe before the unsafe and try to minimize the exposure as much as possible, especially during pregnancy. 
Created something we missed
The reason we started Happiears was precisely because we wished that during our pregnancies we had had the products we have today chosen to develop, which protect against radiation. But there was nothing similar on the Swedish market then and no one talked about being careful with radiation. 
Among our products that we have today is our favorite surf blanket. It is placed in the lap when using wireless technology near the body. The blanket has a underside of finely woven silver threads that effectively reflect away the microwave radiation. It is perfect for pregnant women as a protection for the stomach.
Our goal is to be at the forefront of products that protect against micro-radiation, to contribute our piece of the puzzle to the whole.

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