New year and new goals

Have you thought about what you want to set for this year? We have. We were at a super inspiring event "Dreamers and Doers" together with 4good and a wonderful group of women this weekend. There we made a personal financial statement for 2019 and set new goals for 2020.

One of our goals, in addition to putting the mobile in airplane mode of course (which we always do at night) is not to use the mobile in the bedroom. The bedroom is the place where the body should be given the opportunity for recovery and healing. It is difficult if you have a mobile phone lying next to it. On the one hand, you are exposed to the radiation from your mobile phone through updates of apps and retrieval of emails and the like during the night, at the same time it disturbs your sleep by just lying there.

I also think about all the unnecessary scrolling done on all social media in the evenings and think a bit about how long it can be in meters. Maybe some of you know about how much we scroll per day? I have no idea. Pretty far I can imagine.

Anyway, that's why an alarm clock has now been purchased to replace the mobile phone's alarm. Some new inspiring books will also be on the bedside table and encourage reading. Cheers to the mobile-free bedroom!

Have a nice day!

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