Lotta and Victoria from Hälsosnack meet Mona Nilsson, founder of the Radiation Protection Foundation

This is a podcast episode with Lotta and Victoria from Hälsosnack. They have met Mona Nilsson who is the founder of the Radiation Protection Foundation. They talk about the risks of wireless technology and how it affects our health in the long run.

Extra exciting when they talk about the holistic aspects such as oxidative stress and controlled calcium channels and that night is the most important time to reduce radiation in order to allow the body to heal and recover.

Lotta and victoria also talk about our products and how they use them in their everyday lives 🧡

Click here to listen to the episode

Go to their website and follow their podcast ”Health talk with Lotta & Victoria” 

Also follow them on instagram here

Many thanks to Lotta & Victoria for highlighting such an important topic in your podcast!

You are several listeners who have suggested that we talk about mobile phone radiation and whether it can affect our health. We therefore invited Mona Nilsson from the Radiation Protection Foundation to hear what she sees as risks to both health and the environment. Are mobile phone radiation, wireless networks and the upcoming 5G network as safe as telecom companies and their experts claim? What does the existing research say? Are there ways to protect yourself and reduce your exposure to radiation? 🤔
These and many other questions Mona answers in this week's episode! So hurry up and listen! You will find the episode in your podcast app.

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