Health talk with lotta and Victoria

Lotta and Victoria from Hälsosnack have tested our headphones and our surf blanket. In their intro talk to the podcast, episode no. 136 they tell us what they thought of our products. If you are curious, feel free to listen to the episode here or click on the image below. 

Here is a small excerpt from the intro talk:

"It feels safe with this blanket. It's just such a simple thing to do"

"I really love the headphones! I was really grateful for this. Not only that, I think they are really nice, and good-looking, and the sound is good, and the cord is such that it does not tangle. They are also perfect to have when you are out and about runs, because they do not shut out all sound "Without you can hear a bit of the surroundings too, which I think is so nice. So you do not feel so completely enclosed. And then I also feel more secure when I'm out running. So I really use them a lot "

Lotta and Victoria are functional health coaches and they help you strengthen your health and achieve your health goals. 

Go to their website and follow their podcast ”Health talk with Lotta & Victoria” 

Also follow them on instagram here

Many thanks Lotta & Victoria for such a nice review from you!

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