Pregnancy and wireless technology

Our oldest girls are now 13 years old. When we were pregnant with them, we were not aware of the risks of radiation from wireless technology. On the other hand, we did not use the technology in the same way as we do today. The development has gone with furious speed when you think back to how it was like that 13 years ago. We did not have an Ipad, the phone was mostly used to make calls and if you were going on a long trip, you might have a portable CD player without a connection. And that's only 13 years ago! 


Now we are constantly connected, with us all the world's music, movies, emails, social media, games etc everywhere. You are expected to respond to emails and messages at once and everything must be documented and shared in real time. 


We also work more from home now than before and sit with our portable computers and tablets directly in our lap. Ideally, we also have the mobile phone lying directly next to us, ready to be used if it should ring. And everything is of course connected to our wireless network. 


I am thinking of how this technological development has affected our fetuses who are extra sensitive. There is a lot of research to read about how microwave radiation affects our fetuses if you want to read more about it. A good place to look for information is to go to PubMed if you are interested. 


Here are some tips for anyone expecting a baby. Tips that we ourselves wish we had received. Of course, it is best not to have a computer, tablet or mobile phone near your stomach when you are pregnant. But we also know that it does not work in today's society. Here are some smart tips along the way: 


  • Try to keep your distance from the technology 
  • Avoid sitting near a router, where the radiation is strongest.
  • Make sure your bedroom is free of technology. 
  • Turn off your wifi or download what you are going to work with or watch and turn on airplane mode when you have a computer or tablet directly in your lap.
  • Use our protective blanket when you sit with a computer, tablet or mobile phone directly in your lap. The blanket reflects off the radiation and protects the fetus.
  • Do not store the mobile phone against your body and make sure to switch it off completely at night. 
  • Be sure to store your mobile phone in our protective mobile phone bag when not in use. 
  • When the baby is born, keep in mind that a baby monitor also emits radiation. So do not store it directly on the baby in the bed or pram. Preferably put it away a bit or put our blanket in between. 

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