The mental and physical noise - a part of our everyday life

Have you also started to think about how much radiation we are exposed to daily? And maybe starting to feel that it does not feel completely good to sit with a computer directly in your lap?

@ began to think about this and became interested in both the mental impact on us, with the constant noise and the physical impact on the body of being constantly surrounded by radiation from our wireless networks.

Alexander's personal favorite is our surf blanket, which he now always uses when sitting with the computer in his lap. A simple solution, so he can surf a little smarter. Read his thoughts below.

The mental noise can often be where we want it or not. It can make up for it for us without us even being aware of it.

In the same way it is with the physical noise, which today is constantly around us. Which affects our minds and bodies whether we like it or not.

A couple of months ago, I began to become aware of how much radiation we are exposed to. How phones, computers, wifi, 5G, masts etc constantly expose us to this and that there are studies that indicate that it can be more dangerous than we thought.

I also know that there are different studies that have come to different conclusions, but personally I would like to be on the safe side.

That's why I'm so grateful @ happiears.good.vibes.only who designed smart products that not only help us protect ourselves from the radiation, but also remind us to take an occasional break from the technical world and instead be present (love it 😍🙌)

So it is with great pleasure that I have had the opportunity to collaborate with them and I would warmly recommend you to take a closer look at their products! My personal favorite is the blanket, which I now constantly use when I sit with the computer in my lap.

Hats off to you Happiears and continue more what you do! .I think you will need even more in the future.

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