The constant connection - so you are affected

Shares an interesting article from ecoapps about the problems of being constantly connected.
Being constantly connected is common today and many feel more or less compelled to be so because of work or not to miss social events. But what does the connection do to us?
Maybe you already know what it does to you because you have noticed that it affects sleep, presence or time for other more satisfying activities. It can be a feeling that lingers after you have sat for a long time with a toad or mobile. Or you notice how good you feel during the holidays when the job requirements to be connected decrease. You can reduce your online time if you want, here are the arguments for why you should do it:


Changes how the brain works
Notices are among the most rewarding for the brain there is. We get a message that maybe there is something exciting to read in our mobile. If we are constantly chasing these faster kicks, there will be no opportunity to practice what is difficult or requires more time to become good. We simply lose patience. Anders Hansen likens it in his book Hjärnstark junior to trying to work focused while you have sweets and soft drinks right next to the computer. Even if that wording is aimed at children, many adults can recognize themselves.
He also explains that the biggest reward comes before we do something the brain thinks is good.

… The biggest reward - the dopamine kick - you get when you think you will soon cash in, says Anders Hansen

(That is: when the phone rings a new note.)
Affects nutritional status and fertility
EMF or electro magnetic fields are something that is around us through mobile networks and closer to us through technical gadgets such as telephone and computer. This field creates a stress in the body by increasing free radicals which in turn consumes antioxidants. Even so much so that researchers believe that decreases in male fertility are due to radiation from the use of gadgets with an EMF around them.
We can also not completely stop using these gadgets, they are part of our everyday life. Instead, you can reduce usage as much as possible and take the help of products that protect against radiation, mobile phone bags or pads for the computer if you have it in your lap. Top up with nutrients and antioxidants such as vitamin C, ALA, CoQ10 and glutathione if you know that you are a big user of technical gadgets.



Make yourself less present
In order for us to experience flow, be creative and work efficiently, we need * drum vortex *: uninterrupted time. This does not happen if the mobile is constantly bliping or the mailbox is open on the screen. Here are tips from Ellinor Ladenberg who wrote the book "Flow Power - More focus and less stress in life" on how to be present more easily:

Make room for breaks and preferably a walk outdoors without your phone. Do not listen to podcasts or music at the same time. For example, if you drive a car, just do it and nothing else at the same time. Sometimes we just have to sit and stare - it works wonders!

As a counterweight, you can do one thing at a time - or nothing at times. The opposite of constant connection can be said to be mindfulness. Try immediately by concentrating your attention on your breathing. Take three concentrated breaths. How are you now? Feel free to spend 30 minutes every day with yoga, meditation or other activity with total presence - petting a dog or reading to a child - for best effect. Also reduce your distractions, Ellinor again:

Clear away distractions to be able to focus. Think about what your distractions are and have a strategy for how to reduce them. Put the phone in airplane mode and turn off the email. If you work in an office, you can tell your colleagues that you do not want to be disturbed because you have focus time. Have a plan for when you will read your emails, it steals time and focus to constantly go in and out of the email box.

Tips for extra support

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