Cecilia Folkesson from "Natural food and health" - 10 smart tips to reduce radiation

Here you can read about Cecilia Folkesson who runs the company Natural food and health. She has tested our products and now she talks about 10 smart tips to reduce radiation. 


This blog post is from Cecilia Folkesson.

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On Cecilia's blog, you will find everything from recipes for healthy and gluten-free food for the whole family to inspiration in natural beauty, health and exercise. Cecilia is a trained dietician and mother of 3 little boys. She is passionate about organic, natural food, barefoot running and travel.  

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Have you thought about how the radiation from mobile phones, tablets and wireless computers affects us?

We are constantly becoming more and more exposed to electromagnetic radiation. We use our mobile phones almost around the clock, stream entertainment and in most places there is wifi.

And even our children are exposed at an early age.

Today there is a lot of research that shows the negative effects, but no research that shows that it is harmless.

Electromagnetic radiation - dangerous for us?

Did you know that 3/4 of the energy the phone sends out is absorbed by the user, for example in the head, neck and torso, depending on how you use your phone. We thus supply very large amounts of energy to our bodies.

We are also affected by exposure from mobile masts, wireless computers and wireless networks.

Many researchers today believe that radiation should be considered carcinogenic to us humans in the same class as asbestos and tobacco. The WHO (World Health Organization) classified all wireless technology as early as 2011 as possibly carcinogenic.

Mobile phone users, for example, are at greater risk for brain tumors and cancer in the head and neck area. You may also experience symptoms such as headaches, sleep disturbances, impaired memory and difficulty concentrating.

Children and unborn fetuses are particularly sensitive to this. And unfortunately, our children are sitting more and more with tablets and mobile phones.

The most common sources of radiation

As our use of wireless technology has increased enormously in recent years, we are all exposed to more and more radiation. Some of the most common sources of elevated microwave radiation:

  • Mobile phones
  • WiFi routers
  • Mobilmaster
  • Wireless computers
  • TV sets
  • Newer cars
  • Babysitters

10 smart tips to reduce radiation

  1. Keep bedrooms as electronics-free as possible and feel free to leave mobile phones, tablets and computers in another room.
  2. Turn off Wi-Fi and mobile data features when not in use, and always at night.
  3. Put your mobile phone in airplane mode during the night - then you give your body the opportunity to rest and recover.
  4. Activate "mobile data off" so that emails and apps are not updated during the night.
  5. Keep calls short - send text messages rather than make calls.
  6. Do not place the phone directly on the body.
  7. When calling, use the loudspeaker function or headphones with trachea.
  8. Avoid Bluetooth headphones, these constantly emit radiation to the ear.
  9. Avoid using the phone in the car, subway and bus as the radiation will be higher.
  10. Use one radiation-protective blanket when you have a phone, tablet or laptop in your lap or near your body.


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