Fanny and Ila - Brilliant tips for less radiation in everyday life

IN November last year, we participated in Fanny and Ila's podcast no: 63 "brilliant tips for less radiation in everyday life". Feel free to go in and listen. It's a packed section with lots of great tips and ideas. Thank you Fanny and Ila for making the world's best podcast about radiation and about us and for being so spontaneous and wonderful. 

Their motto: Add more to get better health and create a sustainable lifestyle!

Follow their podcast ”Fanny and Ila”Where they talk about everything related to health and sustainability, but where you also get an insight into their everyday lives and the challenges and thoughts they encounter. 


Brilliant tips for less radiation in everyday life, our theme in November is now summarized in a maxed out section. Hope you learned something new, got some food for thought and hopefully made some changes. Because they do not have to be many, not difficult or complicated.

Listen to theme episode no. 63 here:  


This month we have nice Happiears who sponsor this month's theme: Radiation and EMF. They have, among other things, a lovely blanket, hat and headphones that reduce the radiation in everyday life.  

At Happiears, you can find products that allow you to continue using the wireless technology, but in a smarter and more secure way. Happiears cares about both health and the environment and uses reusable packaging for the headphones and avoids plastic and bulky packaging. Health and environmental awareness are important and permeate the entire company.

Anna is a nutritionist and Therese is a health educator and together they run the company Happiears. They both have children, between the ages of 3-11, who use wireless technology daily, both in school, in preschool and privately. Among their products we find headphones for mobile phones / computers, blankets, hats and maternity ribbons. Mobile phone bag is underway, and we are really looking forward to it. 



  • What is EMF? radiation different types (recess 1)
  • What does the research say? (depression 2)
  • How can EMF affect me? (recess 3)
  • How can I protect my family / children? (recess 4)
  • Our relationship to radiation
  • Mobile sense - avoid stress from mobile, silent, turn off notifications, airplane mode, relax
  • What are Happiears?
  • Radiation in case of illness - part of the cure is to minimize EMF
  • Radiation diet home / bedroom - list of tips.
  • Wifi-free schools and preschools. For example. preschool Gläntan 
  • Neighbors' router, does it affect me and how do I do at work?




  • Avoid holding the phone against your body! There has been a connection between telephone in bra and breast cancer, in the pocket and testicular cancer, the back pocket and rectal cancer.
  • Use radiation-reducing headphones or speakers during calls.
    • Avoid Bluetooth headphones
    • Emits less radiation is the phone, but they constantly emit radiation to the ear.
    • Many also have their phone in their pocket at the same time.
  • Keep calls short and send text messages rather than make calls
  • Avoid using the phone in the car, subway and bus as the radiation will be higher
  • Always turn off the Wi-Fi and mobile data functions when not in use!
    • Ex: Download the podcast section and turn off the data while listening.
  • Use a radiation-reducing blanket when you have a phone, tablet or laptop in your lap or close to your body.
    • Avoid putting the child alarm inside the pram on the child.
    • Use radiation-reducing blankets on the children.
  • Eat supplements that protect the body
    • Magnesium counteracts the calcium flow in the cells
    • Antioxidants to reduce oxidative stress.
    • Especially molecular hydrogen, H2 tablets.
    • Used by the body to treat peroxynitrite, which are free radicals formed by EMF exposure.
  • Use electronics or splice cord with a two-pole switch so that the power is not on in an electrical appliance / lamp or the like.



  • Always put the phone in airplane mode when you are in the bedroom!
  • If it needs to be on if you are on call or so: Connect it to an external battery and place it behind a protective curtain that blocks EMF or put it in another room.
  • Remove data, so apps and the like do not work and are updated. It can still receive calls and text messages.
  • Turn off the router at night.
  • If you are building or working on and renovating, you can
    • Paint the bedroom walls with protective paint that contains charcoal and granite. It is black and blocks dirty electricity, radio waves and geomagnetism.
    • Radiation-reducing curtains.
    • Under the floor you can install protection from below.
    • You can also have a kind of portable "bed canopy" that reduces radiation.



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