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Radiation-reducing headphones and blanket from Happiears

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How often do you think about the radiation from your mobile, computer or tablet and what you can do to protect your body against it?

I work from home like many others right now and there are many moments with the computer in my lap curled up on the couch. Therefore, I have created a new habit: To lay my blanket from Happiears between me and the computer. It is made of organic cotton with a underside of silver threads that reflect the radiation from the mobile phone, tablet or laptop from the body. Perfect for us who like to have the laptop in our lap when we work or children who sit with tablets.

I also use my radiation-reducing headphones from Happiears Daily. They both lower the radiation up to the ear by 98% and have very good sound. Something that means a lot to me is that Happiears thinks about both health and sustainability. For example, the blanket only comes in a Nordic Ecolabelled paper cover and the headphones come in a smart reusable packaging that allows them to last a long time. The fact that the headphones are also stylish and the blanket is very cozy is a much appreciated bonus.

I am super happy with these products and think you would have liked them too. With the code TESS20, you get a 20% discount in the web shop at Happiears. The blanket and headphones are also available in a favorable package to you who want to get started and surf smarter and safer.


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