Blog post by Sofie Di Leva, about how she thinks about radiation and wireless technology

Since I had children almost 10 years ago, I have thought a lot about radiation and all the wireless technology we all surround ourselves with. 


Our use of wireless technology has increased enormously in recent years and we are all increasingly exposed to radiation via our mobile phones, cell towers, base stations, wireless computers, Ipads, AirPods, baby monitors, electricity meters and all the products that use microwaves.

5Gexpansion and Internet of Things, (which in short means that our everyday products such as TVs, cars, refrigerators and washing machines are connected to the internet to be able to control and register our use in the smallest detail) the radiation increases radically in both the private and public environment and is of course worrying both humans, animals and nature.


What we rarely think about is that we are all biological beings with a nature that until fairly recently has been strongly connected to nature's energies and flows, and which is now instead constantly in electronic voltage fields and WiFi smog. 

What do we know about the long-term effects of radiation? 

Safety and risks are debated, but we know today with the support of extensive scientific research that microwave radiation is harmful to human and animal health and prolonged exposure can increase the risk of a number of serious diseases and ill health.

Our children belong to the first generation, which to such an extent uses wireless technology, mobile phones, computers and WiFi at home and in many cases also in preschool and school. We do not know what the consequences of this will be, so it feels incredibly important that we think about and minimize the exposure in the ways that are possible.


At home, as in most homes, we of course use computers and mobile phones and YouTube and games are, as many people recognize, connected to friends and social life.
I am really not against technology development and creative use. My computer is my most important work tool as a graphic designer, but all this is a balancing act that is not always easy to balance, which is why I was so happy when I read about Anna and Therese who manufacture radiation protection products for everyday life. We have had to test some of their products and the favorite with all of us here at home is a blanket with sewn-in threads of pure silver that protects a part of the body from being exposed by reflecting off the microwave radiation. They have also developed a super smart mobile bag that works as the mobile's "flight mode" when closed, but still does not block the reception completely when it is open, so great to be reachable on the phone but at the same time reduce radiation.

Written by: Sofie Di Leva
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