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Article in Ekoappen is the page online where you can read about natural health and sustainable lifestyle. There you can find interesting articles and other useful information about health. We are so happy that we are part of their journey from the beginning as proud partners. 
Below is an article about us that is also available on their website.
Nobody knows what the radiation will do to us tomorrow, in a year, in twenty years or in a hundred years. That is the opinion of the health-committed founders of Happiears, Anna Bastling and Therese Norman. That is why they have developed products that protect against microwave radiation.

Anna and Therese say that the idea for the company grew when they saw how much their children used wireless technology both in preschool, school and at home and that they then developed the products they themselves wanted when they were missing on the Swedish market. They thought about how wireless technology affects our health in the long run, but also how it affects our ability to relax in the constant noise.

Radiation probably results in poorer health

They both work with health and wellness and have a great interest in optimizing health. Many people take care of themselves by eating healthy, exercising, meditating and prioritizing sleep. Reducing radiation in everyday life is seen by them as another health-promoting measure. 

Today, most of us are exposed to a lot of stress and the radiation also causes an increase in stress for the body. The consequence of this is that we are constantly in the so-called sympathetic state, which can be described as that we are constantly ready to defend ourselves against danger. The constant stress means that we can lack important vitamins and minerals such as magnesium and antioxidants, says Anna Bastling.

Wants to convey "smart mobile use" 

Anna and Therese also want to convey the message "smart mobile use". For example, not to store the mobile phone near the body, to have the mobile phone in airplane mode at night when it is extra important to have time and opportunity for recovery, because that is when the body repairs and heals itself. And to choose to "turn off" the phone during the day whenever possible, just to be in the moment for a while. 

Environmentally friendly products

At Happiears, you can find products that allow you to continue using the wireless technology, but in a smarter and more secure way. They care about both health and the environment and use reusable packaging for the headphones and avoid plastic and bulky packaging. Health and environmental awareness are important and permeate the entire company.

How the different products work

The different products from Happiears offers protection in slightly different ways.

  • The headphones have a so-called tracheal technology, which means that the radiation can not be passed on from the phone up to the ear, while the "surf blanket" reflects away the microwave radiation from the body thanks to the underside's unique silver material.
  • The blanket is simple and cozy to wear in the lap when using, for example, the tablet or mobile phone and is perfect for children and pregnant women who are extra sensitive. Our hats are made of the same reflective material as the blanket.
  • The latest product in the range is the mobile bag. When you put the mobile phone in the bag and close it, you do not get disturbed and you reduce the radiation to the body. If you still want to be reached, you can leave the bag open and still reduce the radiation. This way you get the opportunity to take a break from the constant noise.

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