Reasons why you should not sleep with your mobile phone nearby

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When we have it within reach, it has an attraction on us, the mobile. It also emits a light that can interfere with the secretion of sleep hormones. Overall, most suggest that you should place your phone outside the bedroom at night.

Are you one of those people who looks at the phone the last thing you do before you go to bed and the first thing you do when you wake up? It can be bad for your sleep.

You probably do not need a lecture on how important sleep is for you and that this is where a lot of repair and recovery takes place. No, I thought so.

Maybe also have an idea of how bad the cell phone is for your sleep? If not, here are some arguments for pausing the screen before, during and after sleep.

Reduces total sleep time

You come up with something you need to check on your cell phone. And then another, then another. Suddenly an hour has passed when you should actually be sleeping. If you had not had it nearby, you would probably have rested instead.

The light prevents deep sleep 

Melatonin - the equivalent of the stress and wakefulness hormone cortisol - is secreted in the evening when not as much light enters the eye. It's just that with a mobile whose blue light flows into the eye, that signal does not come.

It can lead to difficulty falling asleep or you not falling into as deep sleep. Both make you wake up and not feel rested in the morning.

Notifications wake you up

Phones want your attention and signals from notifications can ring in the middle of the night and wake you up. Maybe then it is difficult to fall asleep again, which means that you can just as easily pick up the phone for a while…

The radiation the phone emits

Some also state as an argument to skip the phone in the bedroom that it emits electromagnetic radiation. They are concerned that radiation may affect their health. There are few studies in the field but it is true that smartphones emit a small dose of electromagnetic radiation. A larger study showed a link between heavy cell phone use and brain cancer. However, more studies are needed to confirm or dismiss the risk.

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The steps to a good, mobile-free, sleep

Place it in another room

Put the phone in another room while you sleep. It can feel drastic but try, it might be the best thing you have done in a long time. Do you need it to unwind, in the face of a new calming habit. A breathing exercise, read a book (exciting enough so that you do not get caught up in it) or meditate for a while.

Get an alarm clock

Many people use their mobile phone as an alarm clock and it becomes an argument to bring it into the bedroom. But find your old alarm clock or get a new one.

Avoid the blue light

Experts recommend putting the phone away about two hours before bedtime. It not only gives the brain time to perceive that it is dark, but you also reduce the stimulus that the mobile phone provides. It's okay to be a little bored before bedtime. Therefore, apps or glasses that block the blue light are not a good option because the stimulus from the phone remains. 

Make the bedroom sacred

Create as cozy and welcoming a bedroom as possible. And keep it technology-free, carry out the TV while you're on the go. Make it inviting to go to bed and listen to the body's signals about when it wants to sleep.

 By Katarina Fornander

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